I’ve been reading lately about ethics a lot. It’s interesting to find out how the more I live the less I know how to live. I now too this is not a new topic. Plato was already trying to define justice 2.500 years ago and in my opinion we still haven’t found the clue.The root of the problem is that taking advantadge of the others works. It’s naif to think that being evil brings negative consecuences. Almost every day I see people using people as mere means to their goals and I see it working pretty well.

On the other hand I see nice, friendly people being abused by others just because they are too nice or candid.Back to Plato, injustice is bad when you suffer it but it seems good when you benefit from it.Then, I find myself everyday with ethical dilemmas. I’m not weak neither stupid. There are lots of chances where others try to take advange of me and most of the times they can’t. And what about the chances where I can use the others in my benefit? Why not to lie, manipulate, steal, etc? (by the way, I don’t think there’s a heaven up there to fix what we break down here. Nonetheless I consider the idea quite convenient for the ones breaking things down here.)

Well, let me tell you I’m not like this. If the world is that bad I’m not contributing to it. The reason is that when I was shaping into the adult I am now I decided the very core of my ethical behaviour: “I try to do to others what I want others do to me”.This is not only a philosophical statement to me but also an emotional one soo powerful and simple. And the reason why is because I don’t want to live in evil in a world of evil people.

Jesús Christ has the copyright of a pretty similar statement. Probably a better one.

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